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Fabio Schifilliti Fabio Schifilliti Fabio Schifilliti Fabio Schifilliti Fabio Schifilliti Fabio Schifilliti Fabio Schifilliti Fabio Schifilliti Fabio Schifilliti Fabio Schifilliti Fabio Schifilliti

Fabio Schifilliti was born in Messina in 1985.
From a young age, he has always been fascinated by the classic scene of the lights going down in a movie theatre and the collective emotions and reactions felt by an audience resulting from the images projected onto a big screen.
He began studying by both reading books on cinema and watching films of all kinds, refining his idea of what he calls "emotional altruism". From there, he began working as assistant director in numerous films and television commercials while simultaneously and gradually developing his own career as a director.

He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Cultural Heritage, specialising in Cinema, Theatre & Music. He has directed short films, documentaries, television content, advertisements and national government television campaigns. He has also worked as the coordinator of multiple cinema courses for the University of Messina.

In 2014, he was awarded the Cubovision Telecom Italia and RaiCinema Film Award with his film Beyond the Sea, which won him a trip to Los Angeles to represent Italy.

Fabio’s films have won awards at multiple international film festivals, including in the United States, China, Jordan, Kenya, Sweden, Bulgaria, Switzerland and Canada.

Fabio believes deeply in the expressive power of images, which are at the core of his work. He aims to create cinema characterised by a European narrative style infused with the strong expressive charge typical of American cinema.

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